Achilles Tendonitis | Achilles tendon pain, diagnosis, treatment & exercises

Achilles Tendonitis | Achilles tendon pain, diagnosis, treatment & exercises

Achilles tendonitis treatment
Treatment for achilles tendonitis is based around initially reducing pain and inflammation, stretching the muscles out and a gradual return to activity. No one single approach may cure achilles tendonitis, particularly a chronic condition but a combination of treatment approaches and patience will work best. It is essential the correct treatment is started as soon as possible in the acute stage to avoid the injury becoming chronic.

What can the athlete do to treat Achilles pain?

Achilles tendon tapingAcute achilles tendonitis requires rest. Continuing to train on a painful achilles tendon could lead to the injury becoming chronic and more difficult to treat. Applying ice or cold therapy as soon as possible to a painful achilles tendon will reduce pain and inflammation. After the first 24 to 48 hours alternating hot and cold or just heat may be more beneficial. Tendons work better when they are warm but if they are painful then rest and ice.

Wear a heel pad to raise the heel and shorten the calf muscles which in turn reduces some of the strain on theachilles tendon. This should only be a temporary measure while theachilles tendon is healing.

An achilles tendon taping technique can aid rest by supporting the tendon with elastic bandages.This is an excellent way of taking the load off the tendon if you haveto walk around on your feet as well as protecting the tendon whenreturning to full fitness.

Achilles tendon exercisesMake sure you have the right running shoes for your foot type and the sport. If you are a runner thatover-pronates then a motion control or support running shoe may beneeded. Visit a specialist running shop for advice.

In the later stages apply heat, especially before exercise. The tendonwill perform better when warm. Finish with cold after training to reduceany inflammation. See achilles tendonitis rehab program for more details.

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